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The CheckListing App lets your clients monitor their home sale, track showings, and complete useful checklists on staging, moving, and more!

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  • Showings Feedback

    Automated Feedback Requests, Editable Feedback, Post Feedback Directly To APP.

  • Social Posting

    Clients Share YOUR branded updates, messages, newsletters, landing pages and more to their social media

  • Fun & Useful Checklists

    Customized, Editable and Automated Checklists sent out to your clients to make sure nothing is forgotten!

  • Home Sale Updates

    Demonstrates to clients what has been done to market the home.

  • Trusted Links

    Links To Your Trusted Professionals

Real Estate App Features

  • Real-Time Messages

    Send your clients instant reminders, notifications, broadcasts skipping the clutter of e-mail

  • Home Sale Messages

    Master list of everything agent has done to sell their home.

  • Statistics

    Up to Date Data showing client's listing information such as showings over time, days on the market, page views and more

  • Listing Page

    Personalized Landing page for your client with listing description, picture, links and more.

  • Free Support

    We support your clients through in-app support for any technical issues.

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Agent Administration Features

  • Pre-program your tasks, messages, & alerts to be sent out at specific times. Your client will see you "working" around the clock.
  • Edit feedback from showings from automated SMS showing follow-ups!
  • Broadcast messages to specific or all clients at once!
  • Create and edit customizeable checklists for clients.
  • Your branded information is included on all social media posts.