The Ultimate Real Estate Agent App

Impress Your Clients and Win More Listings

This game-changing app demonstrates your value, improves communication, and promotes your online presence. Your clients can monitor their home sale, view feedback, fill out checklists, and share their experiences on social media, keeping them excited, involved and informed.

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Get Organized + Get Leads

If you don't offer this service to prospective clients, another agent will!

Lead Generation

Social sharing through the CheckListing APP is branded with your agent information. Your listings will also appear on our own online directory of homes. Plus, your seller's friends and family will want this tool when they sell their home! It gets you in front of people who may not have seen you otherwise, leading to massive referral connections!

Get More Organized

The agents backoffice helps you keep the tabs on your real estate listings. You can also track your marketing efforts for your clients, schedule showings, and view reports. Plus, save time on your showings follow-ups with our SMS robot! It streamlines your business by allowing you to automate and customize tasks.

Win More Listings

There's no better way to convince a client to sign with you than offering them the ability to see what you're doing in your handy APP, plus read feedback from their listing appointments, and share selling updates with friends and family. It turns you into a lead converting machine!

Engaging Features of the Client App

  • Showings Feedback

    Automated Feedback Requests, Editable Feedback, Post Feedback Directly To APP.

  • Social Posting

    Clients Share YOUR branded updates, messages, newsletters, landing pages and more to their social media

  • Fun & Useful Checklists

    Customized, Editable and Automated Checklists sent out to your clients to make sure nothing is forgotten!

  • Home Sale Updates

    Demonstrates to clients what has been done to market the home.

  • Trusted Links

    Links To Your Trusted Professionals

Real Estate App Features

  • Real-Time Messages

    Send your clients instant reminders, notifications, broadcasts skipping the clutter of e-mail

  • Home Sale Messages

    Master list of everything agent has done to sell their home.

  • Statistics

    Up to Date Data showing client's listing information such as showings over time, days on the market, page views and more

  • Listing Page

    Personalized Landing page for your client with listing description, picture, links and more.

  • Free Support

    We support your clients through in-app support for any technical issues.

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Agent Administration Features

An easy to use control center to manage all of your listings and life-long clients.

  • Pre-program your tasks, messages, & alerts to be sent out at specific times. Your client will see you "working" around the clock.
  • Edit feedback from showings from automated SMS showing follow-ups!
  • Broadcast messages to specific or all clients at once!
  • Create and edit customizeable checklists for clients.
  • Your branded information is included on all social media posts.