We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors; in this policy we explain how we will treat your personal information. In general, if there’s any personal data we no longer need, we delete it. We don't ask for more information than we absolutely need, and don't store it any longer than is necessary.

The Data We collect, And Why

Your First Name: When you register, we ask for your first name just so that we can personalize our emails to you.

Your Email Address: When you register, we ask for an address and may verify it by sending you a secret code. See notes on Transactional Emails below.

IP Address: For security purposes, we collect IP addresses of visitors for the purposes of protecting our website from hacking attempts.

Cookies Policy

We do not use cookies to target marketing emails or ads, or to track your activities on other sites. We only use them to make our site work better and to improve your experience. For example, cookies are commonly used to store your 'logged in' status on a website. We may also use them to store your last used username and password so that you can log in more quickly on your next visit.

Email Policies

Transactional Emails: The email you provide us when you register is our only way to reach you for lost password recovery, customer support, notifications about your account, changes to our policies, etc. These emails are not used for marketing purposes and are never shared with third parties. You cannot unsubscribe to these emails and continue using our service. If you choose to close your account with us, you will no longer receive emails of any kind.

Our Newsletter: You may voluntarily choose to join our mailing list, typically by checking a box during registration. Our mailings may contain news about our new services and other content of interest to real estate agents and brokers like yourself who want to increase their sales. You can unsubscribe at any time using the link at the bottom of any of our mailings, and you will be removed immediately.

When unsubscribing from any optional list, please note that you may receive another email in the next day or so if the campaign is already being delivered, but in most cases you will receive no more newsletters from us.

Protection Of Your Data

We use SSL encryption throughout our website so that any communication between you and our site is encrypted. We also make regular offsite backups, change passwords on a regular schedule, keep up to date on operating system updates, and use a firewall and antivirus software.

Correction and Deletion of Data

Correction: You can edit your account details yourself on our website when logged into your account. We don't store any personal information that cannot be edited by you. If you want to receive a copy of your personal data we have on file, we can provide it to you to.

Deletion: If you close your account with us, we can either keep your private data on file in case you want to use our service again in the future, or we can delete every trace of your data if requested. If you don't specify this when closing your account, we will automatically delete everything if your account was closed and you haven't returned to our site in six months. The exception would be if you pay us for a service, then we need to keep details on file to protect against chargeback disputes.